Awakening Kundalini Energy

awakening kundalini energy

What Is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini is the spiritually transformative energy that is present in everyone. The mention of the name "Kundalini" can elicit a wide range of responses, from excitement and curiosity to mystique and even terror. When exploring the depths of your spirituality, you can come into contact with this energy.


The term kundalini originates in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language that translates to "coiled". Tantric manuscripts are where you'll first come across the term, dating back around 1300 years; it wasn't used in any other literature until much after that. The awakening of the kundalini is depicted as a path to enlightenment in various mystical literature and myths.

The Chakra System

Chakras, or subtle energy centres inside the body, are a notion from the Yoga tradition that has captured the Western interest more than almost any other teaching during the last century. Chakras are energetic structures like discs or flowers located at the sites where various channels or meridians converge, and they serve as focus areas for meditation in the Tantrik cultures, from whence the concept originates.

 The chakras are places of concentrated energy with far-reaching, instantaneous and decisive effects on your life. As Kundalini energy cycles through the body, it is essential to grasp how the chakra system functions.

 Each of the seven chakras serves a vital purpose and is linked to a certain area of your life, which shapes your thoughts, emotions, and actions. The seven primary chakras and interactions affect all aspects of your mind, body, and spirit. Practising Kundalini yoga and meditation, one can delve into the hidden workings of one's chakras, uncovering the hidden causes of energy blockages and learning how to free one's vitality and potential.

 Kundalini energy is hardwired into every human being's DNA and located at the root chakra's level. It can lie dormant for a person's whole life or awaken and flow via a delicate energy channel that links all seven chakras, from the root to the crown. By awakening all of the chakras, or energy centres, in the body, kundalini can bring about enlightenment. 

Devotion, Practice, and Commitment to Access Kundalini Energy

It takes practice to learn how to activate kundalini energy. Hard effort, commitment, and mental and physical self-control are essential. The awakening of kundalini energy is seen as both a spiritual blessing and a duty by many authorities.

Kundalini energy should not be released into the body until each chakra has been cleansed and activated. The body has innate blockages for Kundalini energy, as opposed to chi or prana energy, which generally will stop individuals accessing kundalini energy prematurely. However, some people choose to receive kundalini energy directly from another. This is not recommended as the risk of a bad experience, possibly transferred from the giver or from your own unresolved trauma are much higher. 

It's normal to feel like your energy is all over the place while you attempt to open each chakra one by one. Kundalini energy was designed to permeate each of the seven chakras simultaneously, in both it's masculine and femine aspects.

You've got the power output of a whole channel compressed into a considerably smaller area. A garden hose is a useful metaphor. Turning on the faucet and clearing any obstructions in the hose ensures a smooth water flow. But if the hose is kinked, it's unlikely that any water would flow through. In some cases you may feel like you're about to burst through your skin, but this is not unusual and should pass quickly. If you have undertaken the work to clear and cleanse your chakras the kundalini rising can feel like a spiritual awakening and you may receive deep insights about yourself and or your perception of the world.

Some meditators feel kundalini energy during breathwork or in deep meditative states. Kundalini awakening allows you to access higher states of awareness and spiritual enlightenment. However, kundalini energy might be overwhelming for people who haven't prepared to handle it. To get ready, you should conduct shadow work, which entails accepting and embracing your individual qualities and traits, balancing your male and feminine energy, and breaking unhealthy habits. 

The Signs Your Kundalini Energy Has Been Awakened

It is also possible to perform energy healing to prepare you for a kundalini awakening. This is because energy healing can help identify trauma stored in your body and then remove obstructions, enabling energy to flow more easily. If you have significant trauma in your body it will affect the ability for kundalini energy to travel up your spine and chakra systems. Instead of having a positive awakening experience, the distortion can lead to a negative experience, potentially creating more trauma, rather than an ecstatic or blissful experience of consciousness

Many wonder if they're making any effort to release and activate their kundalini and how they'll know whether they've succeeded. The fact is that the experience of awakening kundalini energy is unique for each individual. Because everyone is extraordinary in their own way, no two individuals will have the same reaction. A kundalini awakening, however some of the more common experiences include

  • You have a feeling of freedom, from the ego and from the material realm.
  • You feel euphoric in the moment and have a sense of resounding peace.
  • You transcend the dual nature of the mind and are able to see that we consciously create our reality.
  • You feel love and compassion for all that is and recognize yourself as an intrinsic part of all.
  • Your mind is noticeably more still, with a new ability to focus on one thought at a time.
  • Your mind is able to witness, observe, and discern (thanks to an open crown chakra).
  • Old problems and even past trauma do not have the same effect on you anymore. You remember them, but they no longer bother you.
  • You might feel pleasurable physical sensations—like a full-body orgasm but one that is more sensual than sexual.
  • You have profound new insights into your life or even past lives.
  • You have a newfound strength and clarity that allows you to make positive changes in your life without fear.
  • Your creativity surges.
  • You have a significant increase in empathy.

    Heart Based Healing Centre

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