Holistic / Spiritual Coaching

$0.00 – $150.00

If you're seeking a genuine path to self-discovery, healing, and lasting transformation, I'm Miranda and I'm here to guide you through a holistic / spiritual coaching experience that blends practicality with spiritual insights.

Together, we'll create a personalized plan that fits your unique journey.

There are no generic solutions here — just a roadmap to your most authentic and vibrant self.

Tailored to your needs, our sessions combine holistic coaching, spiritual insight, and practical strategies. Whether you're navigating life changes, seeking purpose, or healing past wounds, every session is focused on your growth.

Duration: Initial Chat 0-30 Minutes

Initial Chat 0-30 Minutes
1 Hour Coaching Session

Align with your true self

It takes vulnerability, authenticity and confidence to declare what we want – and sometimes it’s even challenging to define that within ourselves!

Then once we have declared and got clarity on what we want, it takes courage to leap for it!

Sometimes we need a guide to help us put the plan together and create a strategy that honours our mind, body, purpose and soul.

Areas We Might Cover


Supportive Relationships and Community


Food, Routines, Body-Image and Self-Nurture


Feminine Power, Sensuality and Intimacy


Business & Career Coaching


Spirituality and Personal Growth


Creativity & Authentic Self

How do I know if holistic/spiritual coaching is right for me?

Holistic / Spiritual Coaching is right for you if any of the following statements apply:

  • You're needing some deep inner work or healing....
  • You want to feel happier and more fulfilled....
  • You know there's a more conscious way to live but you need some help to avoid getting triggered....
  • You want freedom but aren’t sure how to go about it….
  • You don’t have enough “me time” or quality time with the people you care about….
  • Your health and personal growth are important but seem to keep taking the back seat…
  • You need to upgrade your focus, your energy, your wellbeing….
  • The authentic you is ready to show up but she needs some coaxing…
  • You’re tired of repeating the same patterns and behaviours….

How Does It Work?

Initial Chat

It all begins with a free 1:1 session that usually lasts about 30 mins but reserve an hour just in case. This can be either in person, by Zoom or by phone call.

In this call we’ll cover your objectives, what you’d like to focus on and any questions you may have. If I feel I can help you reach your goals I’ll invite you to book a coaching session.

Ongoing Sessions

In our initial session we need to establish a framework and focus for our ongoing work. Working within the parameters we defined in our initial session we now get into our coaching in earnest.  Generally our follow on sessions will be an hour in duration.

Note all holistic coaching can be provided either in person or remotely.

What can you expect from holistic / spiritual coaching?

It depends on what areas you want to focus on. Some clients want help overcoming obstacles on their path to spiritual ascension.  Some clients want to focus on achieving freedom in a particular area of their lives.  Some clients simply want to access more joy or fun in their lives and need some help to make that happen.  Some clients are in need of some deep healing and release.

Whatever your focus in our sessions, we'll navigate the path from chaos to calm, healing old wounds, and nurturing your inner self.

This is a space for practical healing where your heart finds its rhythm.

Our sessions could include:

Exploring the nature of your being through meditation, visualisation, journalling, affirmations, Kundalini Bodywork, and energy healing.

Working together to release baggage, embrace your inner light, and connect with the universe in a meaningful, new way.

Discove the magic within you and trust the wisdom of your inner self.


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