A Sacred Space for Healing, Reconnection and Self Discovery

Open 9am - 6pm Monday - Friday & Saturday 9am - 1pm
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Nestled towards the beach end of Woonona, hidden behind a residential house, lies the lush garden oasis that is Heart Based Healing Centre. 

A tropical garden housing a traditional cedar wood sauna, luxury spa, sparkling saltwater pool and outdoor shower, interspersed with areas to sit and reflect. The Healing Centre studio is entranced behind the wrought iron mandala offering Reiki, Energy Healing, Holistic Coaching, Ascension & Spiritual Coaching, Meditation and Kundalini Bodywork.

Our sauna, spa and gardens can be booked independently by the hour, as well as combining them with a Healing Centre therapy or treatment.

Heart Based Healing Centre is a place to let go, to heal, to reconnect with spirit and deeply nurture yourself. In this space we invite you into the “sacred”, allow yourself to be invigorated, experience fire and water, connect with the energy of the divine, the beauty of nature and relax into the present moment.

Rejuvenate yourself in harmony with Gaia and Spirit and align with the frequency of your loving heart centre.

All Heart Based Healing Therapies can be booked as remote / distance sessions apart from Kundalini Bodywork which is in person only at this time. 


Hi Scott and Miranda here, founders of Heart Based Healing Centre.

We look forward to welcoming you to our healing oasis.

Learn more about us and the background of the Heart Based Healing Centre HERE.

What is Energy Healing?


At Heart Based Healing Centre we use a carefully curated selection of products chosen for their efficacy and quality.
All products both used and sold by Heart Based Healing Centre are completely natural and non toxic.
You can purchase any of our range using the links below or visit our SHOP.



Reiki 2 marks the progression from a Reiki Self Healer to a Reiki Practitioner and greatly expands your access to the Reiki energies. While Reiki Level 1 introduces you to the basic principles and hand positions for self-healing, Reiki Level 2 delves deeper, offering tools that amplify the practitioner's ability to channel healing energy and heal others. At the heart of Reiki 2 are the sacred symbols that serve as keys to unlock new dimensions of healing.
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We all know the drill: set a goal, chase it, achieve it, and repeat. But sometimes, it feels like we're just ticking boxes without really feeling fulfilled. That's where holistic / spiritual coaching comes in. It's not about piling up achievements; it's about aligning those achievements with your deeper values and passions. It’s about making sure that what you're working towards actually matters to you on a personal and possibly also a spiritual level.
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