Kundalini Bodywork


Kundalini Bodywork is a holistic and integrative therapy that prepares the body for Kundalini to rise and supports those living life with an active Kundalini.

Kundalini Bodywork does not initiate or give you a Kundalini Rising in a session but rather it prepares the body to experience a Kundalini Rising.

Kundalini Bodywork involves breathwork, body de-armouring, non-dual psychology, shadow work, tantra and energetic bodywork to address underlying issues that are affecting your energetic and physical body.

Duration: 120 Minutes

120 Minutes

What is Kundalini Bodywork?

Kundalini Bodywork is a self-development journey particularly useful for people wanting to release trauma or stress or move from a depressed or negative state into a positive or pleasurable one. The start of your journey might be more about emotional release and detoxing, healing past childhood and family trauma. However, if you continue and develop your own practice, your Kundalini Bodywork practice can lead to a spiritual or Tantric Practice. This supports you to manifest the life you desire and deserve, and to work with source, or the collective consciousness, so our outer and inner world's align.

Kundalini Bodywork IS NOT Kundalini Yoga but it is definitely a complimentary practice to any form of yoga. Like Yoga there are different styles, teachers and teachings within Kundalini Bodywork.

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