My Story

My journey into the realm of women's health and wellness
kicked off in 2005 when I birthed "Thriving Healthy Women," a wellness haven before blogs were even a thing. Fuelled by my experiences with
endometriosis, I delved into natural hormones, nutrition, and became a guru of all things toxin-free.

If you’d like to know more about my take on toxins and
women's hormonal health see my TED Talk [].

Cosmic Ventures: Inika Cosmetics

From the humble beginnings by my kitchen sink, I nurtured
Inika Cosmetics into a global, multi-million dollar cosmos of natural, vegan, and certified organic beauty. Juggling the challenges of growth and being a single mom, I intimately understand the dance of womanhood and entrepreneurship.

In 2013, I bid adieu to Inika, taking a hiatus before
donning the hat of entrepreneur in Residence at iAccelerate, where I coached countless entrepreneurs to scale their businesses incorporating the same digital marketing strategies I used to build Inika.

Digital Alchemist: MDigital

Then came MDigital, my digital brainchild designed to guide
female entrepreneurs through the labyrinth of business growth without losing themselves in the process. Ethique and Carolina Lifestyle are just a couple of stars that have brightened the sky under my guidance.

From Chaos to Calm: A Spiritual Awakening

Life threw its curveballs—trauma, abuse, near-death
encounters – you name it!.  Yet, in 2016, meditation transformed my active mind, ushering in a spiritual awakening.

Through meditation, self-enquiry, and Kundalini Bodywork, I not only released stored trauma from my body but also tapped into the wisdom of polarity frameworks and shadow work. I’ve had a daily meditation practice now for 7 years and it has literally transformed my life.

Energy Healing played a pivotal role, culminating in a Kundalini Awakening in early 2023. Transitioning to the "I AM" state,
I embraced profound spiritual connection and intuition, prompting me to develop my own healing modalities. I have since trained in Reiki, Alsemia and Ashati along with Meditation and Facilitation.

Embark on Your Healing / Spiritual Journey

I bring a wealth of experience, a heart full of empathy, and
a toolbox of transformative practices. Book a session with me and lets take a journey on the waters of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual awakening.

The universe within awaits.

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