Benefits of Working With a Holistic Coach

Benefits of Working With a Holistic Coach

Holistic coaches help you to obtain an optimal balance between body, mind, and spirit. Like any wellness specialist, as holistic coaches we've had training in various aspects of personal development, including habit change, life coaching, career, wellness, and nutrition.

Holistic coaches use this knowledge to help clients make positive and sustainable changes in money, relationships, career, self-care, behaviour, and time management. Fundamentally, we help clients to have a more fulfilling life.

What Does a Holistic Coach Do?

Holistic coaches work by the mantra "not too much, not too little, but just right." We help people find an equilibrium in significant aspects of life like physical health, relationship fulfilment, career prosperity, mental strength, spiritual wellness, and money satisfaction.

Since clients are different, coaches use custom-tailored approaches for each unique individual. Each coaching session starts with a thorough assessment of your habits, health, state of mind, diet, lifestyle, coping mechanisms, stress levels, and daily routines.

Unlike most types of coaching, the holistic approach lasts for around 6 - 12 months. During this period, a coach helps you identify imbalances in your life and then work towards attaining a sustainable, positive change.

When Should you Hire a Holistic Coach?

73% of clients use holistic coaches to improve work/life balance, relationships, performance, and wellness. Therefore, like other clients, you can hire a coach if you want to improve or have issues with relationships, work, and wellness. The following are typical scenarios for hiring a holistic coach:

Scaling up Your Small Business

Taking your business to the next level involves multiple things, like planning, finding the right technology, securing funding, and hiring more staff. You are likely to get overwhelmed piecing things together. 

Working with a holistic coach simplifies the process in multiple ways. The coach helps set goals, build a marketing plan, and guide you to success. Furthermore, the coach teams up with you to monitor results while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Planning for a Promotion or Career Change

Are you planning for a career change or promotion? A holistic coach helps you make proper decisions for the transition. For instance, if you want a promotion, the coach enables you to tick off the things that make you stand out as the right candidate.

For a career change, a holistic coach helps create winning resumes, overcome bad experiences from toxic work environments, and prepare for interviews. The coach will also ensure your emotional and mental muscles are ready to take on the world.

Planning to Lose Weight

Although losing weight sounds as simple as working out and eating healthy, it is never that straightforward. You can find it hard to pick the proper weight loss regimen and stick to it until you hit the desired goal.

With a holistic coach, losing weight becomes more effortless. The coach helps you focus on your diet and fitness goals and provide solutions to whatever is holding you back from the desired weight.

Looking to Change Certain Habits

Breaking bad habits like smoking, drug use, gambling, over-gaming, and binge eating is pretty hard for most people. The body grows accustomed to bad habits, triggering intense cravings once you try shedding them.

Working with a holistic coach has been shown to have far more impact than simply trying to retrain the subconscious mind. Holistic coaches use tried-and-tested approaches to identify the root cause, determine triggers, and develop a sustainable plan to help you quit.

Releasing Trauma

Recovering from traumatic events like sexual assault, the death of a loved one, physical assault, separation, serious illness, or domestic violence can take several weeks or months without proper support from therapists.

Unlike letting time heal you, engaging a holistic coach can help you overcome the trauma within the shortest time possible. The experts use physical and spiritual approaches and traditional talk therapy to help you overcome anxiety, shame, guilt, denial, and hopelessness.

When is a Holistic Coach not Suitable?

Although holistic coaches can guide you through almost all life problems, they are not ideal for every situation. For instance, people with mental illness are better off seeing a counsellor or therapist rather than seeking the services of a holistic coach

A holistic coach provides tools, strategies, and approaches that help you manifest your goals and dreams. But, they do not diagnose and treat illnesses, mental illness included.

What are the Benefits of a Holistic Coach?

Holistic coaches work on the principle that every aspect of life is interconnected, and focusing on one creates an imbalance. Unlike their counterparts who focus on selected aspects like career, holistic coaches offer a complete coaching service package — they coach you on life, career, fitness, spiritual, and nutritional matters, helping you achieve the desired balance of mind, body, and spirit. With comprehensive coaching services, you won't risk creating an imbalance by focusing on one aspect of life.

Besides the broad range of services, working with a holistic coach comes along with several other benefits, including:

More Effective Than Traditional Coaching

Traditional coaching focused on developing new skills and achieving set goals. While it helped healees improve their life, the approach did not focus on creating the balance that eliminates stress and enhances fulfilment.

Holistic coaching is a better and more efficient alternative to traditional coaching. Instead of focusing on changing skills and achieving goals, this type of coaching helps individuals achieve goals without sacrificing their mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

A Holistic Coach Unleashes Your Full Potential

Holistic coaches evaluate various aspects of your life to identify flaws keeping you back. After unearthing the untapped potential, the experts make a plan to help you achieve your full potential. In addition to the planning, the holistic coaches support healees throughout self-improvement.

Holistic Coaches Help You Achieve Long-Term Results

Most people can change their habits, lose weight, or learn new life skills quickly — unfortunately, they find it hard to maintain positive results for a lifetime. With the right educational background and years of practice, a holistic coach will use tested strategies to minimise the chances of lapsing into bad old habits.

Holistic Coaches Use Time-tested Approaches

Whether it is growing a business, dropping bad habits, or recovering from trauma, holistic coaches have what it takes to help you overcome the challenges. Since no treatment plan works for all, coaches assess your habits, health, diet, lifestyle, coping mechanisms, and state of mind. They use the comprehensive assessment to draft a plan that works best for you.

Time to Get a Proper Body, Mind, and Spirit Balance

Are you struggling with divorce, job loss, health issues, or other emotional traumas? Holistic coaching will help facilitate healing. However, holistic healing requires a high level of personal strength and commitment, it does not happen overnight. 

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