Science & Separation: Does Remote Energy Healing Have a Scientific Basis?

remote energy healing
Let's start with a story. One of our clients, Mary, had tried everything for her chronic pain—medication, physical therapy—but finally found relief after a remote energy healing session. Sceptical but desperate, she booked a session and received her healing via a remote video session and felt significant improvement. Many people are surprised to learn that remote energy healing has a scientific basis.

Understanding Remote Energy Healing

Remote energy healing, also known as distance healing, involves a healer like myself sending healing energy to a person who lives some distance away. This includes methods like Reiki, Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing and both Scott and I also work with Alsemia Energy and Ashati. Energy isn't confined by physical boundaries and can help heal someone wherever they may be.

Energy healing has ancient roots in practices from various cultures, like Chinese Qi Gong and Indian Ayurveda. These traditions have an understanding that energy flows through our bodies and can be manipulated to promote healing.

Scientific Perspectives

You might wonder how this works. One aspect is the involvement of quantum physics principles like entanglement, where particles can affect each other instantly, even when separated by vast distances. Several studies have demonstrated this. For example, the *Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine* published a study where patients receiving remote Reiki treatments showed significant improvements. Another study in the *International Journal of Behavioral Medicine* found measurable changes in participants after distance healing sessions. These findings show that remote energy healing can have real, positive effects.

Other research that demonstrates the impact of remote energy healing has been research involving entangled photons. Photons were divided and one set of photons were driven to another area over 14 miles away. When the photons in the lab were subjected to various conditions, the photons miles away reacted instantaneously. This shows our universal connectedness, as we are all part of the field, we can connect regardless of distance.

Dr. Bruce Lipton's research in epigenetics shows that our environment, including thoughts and emotions, can influence gene expression (previously it was believed that we are at the mercy of our genes). This mind-body connection shows a scientific basis for healing practices that affect our mental and emotional states. Think of it like when you're happy, you feel better physically.

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Healing

Some doctors are now adding remote energy healing to their practices. This approach combines traditional medicine with holistic practices, addressing both physical and emotional health.

Studies on the placebo effect show that belief and expectation can significantly impact our health. This also demonstrates the benefits of remote energy healing, which often leaves you feeling better emotionally as well as physically.

What a Session Looks Like

When you book a remote energy healing at Heart Based Healing Centre you will be sent a questionnaire to let us know a little more about your state of health and emotions you’re experiencing. You will be sent a link for a video session via Google Meet. You should be ready to lie down in a comfortable place, but initially Scott will talk you through what’s going to happen and you will either set an intention in advance or at the commencement of your healing.

At the beginning of the healing you will lie down and there will be music playing, it is great if you have headphones to listen through. At the end of the healing Scott will leave the call but you should stay lying with the energy and integrating.

In a few days Scott will get in touch with you to give you feedback on the session and you can let us know how you feel.

Ready to Embark on This Journey?

Ready to try remote energy healing? Book a session with us today and see how it can transform your life. Use the link below to organise a session with Scott.