Healing in Wollongong - the Spectacular Illawarra

Robertson Lookout

Healing in Wollongong - the Spectacular Illawarra 

The Illawarra region is a spectacular area, full of primal forces of nature, perfectly positioned between the mountains and the sea, healing in Wollongong is optimised by these forces. In this blog we share some of the amazing aspects and healing powers of this region.
The Illawarra is full of beautiful fauna and flora, and easy to access to nature – beaches, rainforest and hiking trails. One of the key features of the Illawarra is how from Macquarie Pass in the south, the Macquarie Rivulet feeds into Lake Illawarra, the escarpment (incorporating Mt Keira and Mt Kembla) becomes steadily closer to the sea until the sea is practically on a cliff – at Clifton, with enough room for a couple of small suburbs at Coal Cliff and Stanwell Park.  Many societies and cultures believe that places where the Mountains meet the Sea are particularly spiritual and this is what makes healing in Wollongong so special.  

Aboriginal Heritage 

Sandon Point

Wollongong is home to the Dharawal people, one of the oldest Indigenous cultures in Australia. The Dharawal people have a rich spiritual heritage, deeply connected to the land, water, and sky and they believe that everything in the natural world has a spiritual significance, including the stars, the moon, the sun, the rivers, and the mountains. One of the most sacred sites in the Illawarra is Sandon Point, which is about 3 kilometres away - an easy walk along the coast.  

The Aboriginal people in the Illawarra and South Coast had specific areas set aside for initiation ceremonies. Sandon Point, in particular, is understood as a highly significant meeting place for Aboriginal people along the east coast of NSW and inland as far as the Blue Mountains. The connection between this land and Aboriginal people is long and ongoing. As a ceremonial site, this area saw exchanges between people from surrounding language groups including Gundungarra and Wiradjuri people travelling to the coast to exchange foods and raw materials, whilst the Dharawal and Awabakal (Central Coast region) shared ceremonies. Both historical accounts and contemporary studies have indicated that Sandon Point was also a burial site and contains high density artefact scatters identified north of Sandon Point, in an undisturbed back dune system. That is to say the area Heart Based Healing Centre is located in has deep ties to indigenous culture. 

Buddhist Temple 

Nan Tien Temple

Twenty minutes' drive south of the Heart Based Healing Centre is the Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Buddhist Temple (the Southern Heaven Temple). It is the largest Buddhist temple complex in the southern hemisphere and the site twas reputedly chosen due to its proximity to Mount Kembla, which is said to have an auspicious resemblance to a recumbent lion. It overlooks both Mount Keira and Mount Kembla.   

From an energy healing perspective, the temple holds great significance. The temple's location, architecture, and spiritual practices were carefully selected and crafted to create an environment that promotes positive energy flow, promotes healing, and helps visitors achieve a state of inner peace. This unique combination of energy healing practices, combined with traditional Buddhist teachings, makes the Nan Tien Temple an ideal place for those seeking to improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  A few years I completed a multi-week guided mediation course at the temple and found the experience very profound, both energizing and calming, and inspired me to deepen my meditation practice. We are blessed with so many options for healing in Wollongong.

Indian Temple 

Sri Venkateswara Hindu Temple
Twenty minutes drive north of the Heart Based Healing centre is the Sri Venkateswara Hindu Temple (a temple for Vishnu, the god of Preservation). The Construction of Sri Venkateswara Temple started in 1978 when a small group of people had a vision to build a Hindu temple according to Vedic principles (Agama Sastras). They selected this divine site in Helensburgh because “it is said the gods always play where groves are, near rivers, mountains and springs and in towns with pleasure -gardens ” -Brihatsamhita. 
According to the ancient principles of Hindu temple construction, there are five requirements: 
The proposed site for a Hindu Temple should be a virgin landa forest…ideally in an island with plenty of water sources located in a coast line. 
It is significant to note that the Sri Venkateswara Temple site has met all of the five requirements. The temple is a fully function temple for the local and visiting Hindu community but is also open to visitors and has an excellent vegetarian canteen. 

Heart Based Healing Centre

Heart Based Healing Centre

Due to our proximity to the beach, and regular rainfall (due to the closeness of the escarpment) our micro-climate is able to support a bit of a tropical oasis – including fruiting banana trees, bamboo, frangipani, jasmine, birds of paradise and bougainvillea. Behind our home is a small stand of Blackbutt eucalyptus trees with many over 20 metres tall growing above a stream which feeds into Collins Creek. The whole space is serene and provides an opportunity to connect with nature, and so is often referred to as spiritual with a very grounding and nurturing feeling. We believe that sitting, preferably barefoot, in the garden is healing in itself - another factor that makes the Heart Based Healing Centre so unique. We hope you can visit soon and experience a Healing in Wollongong for yourself.