Symbols for Transformation: How Reiki 2 Accelerates Your Healing Journey

Reiki 2 marks the progression from a Reiki Self Healer to a Reiki Practitioner and greatly expands your access to the Reiki energies. While Reiki Level 1 introduces you to the basic principles and hand positions for self-healing, Reiki Level 2 delves deeper, offering tools that amplify the practitioner's ability to channel healing energy and heal others. At the heart of Reiki 2 are the sacred symbols that serve as keys to unlock new dimensions of healing.

The Journey to Reiki 2

Before looking at the Reiki 2 symbols, it's important to understand the progression from Reiki 1. The first level focuses on self-healing and learning to channel Reiki energy through hands-on techniques for your friends, family and into your daily life. Practitioners often experience significant personal growth and an increase in their sensitivity to energy. Once a student feels comfortable and proficient at this level, they may feel called to advance to Reiki Level 2, particularly if they want to start a reiki or energy healing practice.

Reiki 2 is often referred to as the "Practitioner Level" because it equips individuals with the tools to heal others, in-person and through distant healings. The introduction of symbols in this level significantly enhances the practitioner’s ability to channel, focus and direct energy.

The Sacred Symbols of Reiki Level 2

Reiki 2 includes many symbols and so we will focus on the three most commonly used sacred symbols - each has its own unique vibration and purpose.

These symbols are taught to practitioners during their attunement process, where they are energetically imprinted into the practitioner’s aura, enhancing their healing capabilities. If you undertake the Reiki 2 activation with the Heart Based Healing Centre you will receive a manual explaining how to create these main symbols and an additional ten symbols.

1. The Power Symbol (Cho Ku Rei)

The first symbol, Cho Ku Rei, is often referred to as the Power Symbol. It is used to increase the power of Reiki energy. The symbol looks like a coil or a spiral, and its primary function is to focus energy, making it more intense and effective.

Applications of Cho Ku Rei:
  • Amplifying Energy: Cho Ku Rei can be used at the beginning of a Reiki session to enhance the flow of energy.
  • Sealing Energy: It is also used to seal and protect the energy field after a session, ensuring the recipient retains the healing benefits.
  • Cleansing Spaces: This symbol can purify and cleanse a space or object, making it ideal for preparing a healing environment.

2. The Mental/Emotional Symbol (Sei He Ki)

Sei He Ki, the Mental/Emotional Symbol, is a powerful tool for balancing and healing mental and emotional issues. Its shape resembles a wave or a dragon, symbolizing the flow of energy that harmonizes the mind and emotions.

Applications of Sei He Ki:
  • Emotional Healing: This symbol is effective in addressing deep-seated emotional traumas and mental imbalances.
  • Enhancing Affirmations: When combined with positive affirmations or mantras, Sei He Ki amplifies their impact.
  • Stress Reduction: It is particularly useful for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting a state of inner peace.

3. The Distance Symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen)

The third symbol, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, is known as the Distance Symbol. It transcends time and space, allowing practitioners to send Reiki energy across distances and even into the past or future.

Applications of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen:
  • Distant Healing: This symbol enables practitioners to send healing energy to someone who is not physically present.
  • Healing Past Trauma: It can be used to heal past traumas that may be affecting the present.
  • Future Intentions: Practitioners can use this symbol to send positive energy to future events, ensuring a harmonious outcome.

Integrating Reiki 2 into Your Practice

Here are some ways to incorporate these symbols into your own self care and healing sessions:

1. Setting Intentions Before starting a session, take a moment to set clear intentions. Whether you're working on yourself or with a client, clarifying what you hope to achieve with the session will help direct the energy more effectively. Use Cho Ku Rei to amplify your intentions and ensure a focused flow of energy.
2. Creating a Sacred Space Use Cho Ku Rei to cleanse and prepare your healing space. By drawing this symbol in the air or visualizing it around the room, you can create a safe and energetically clean environment conducive to healing.
3. Emotional and Mental Healing When addressing emotional or mental issues, incorporate Sei He Ki into your sessions. You can draw the symbol over the heart or head of the recipient, or visualize it infusing the entire aura with balancing energy. Combining this symbol with affirmations or guided visualizations can enhance its effects.
4. Distant Healing Sessions For distant healing, use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen to bridge the gap between you and the recipient. Visualize the person or situation you are sending healing to, and draw the symbol in the air. Trust that the energy will reach them, regardless of physical distance. This symbol is also useful for sending healing to past events or future intentions.
5. Personal Growth and Development Reiki Level 2 symbols can also be used for your personal growth. Regularly practice self-Reiki using these symbols to enhance your own healing journey. Use Sei He Ki to address personal emotional challenges, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen to send positive energy to your goals and aspirations.

The Transformative Power of Reiki 2

Reiki 2 is a major step forward on the path of healing and spiritual growth. The introduction of sacred symbols not only enhances your ability to channel Reiki energy but also opens new dimensions of healing. As you continue to practice and integrate these symbols into your sessions, you will experience deeper levels of transformation, both for yourself and for those you work with.

At the Heart Based Healing Centre, we are dedicated to supporting you on this journey. Whether you are just beginning your Reiki practice or looking to deepen your skills, our Reiki training provides the knowledge and attunements necessary to unlock the full potential, and Reiki 2 introduces the use of these and other sacred symbols. Join us and discover how Reiki can empower your healing journey, bringing profound transformation to your life and the lives of others.