Kundalini Bodywork

Kundalini Bodywork is a self-development journey that can take you from depression and traumatic states into high vibrational and pleasurable ones.

The start of your journey might be more about emotional release and detoxing, healing past childhood and family
trauma. However, if you continue and develop your own practice, in conjunction with Heart Based Healing Centre sessions, your Kundalini Bodywork practice can lead to a spiritual or Tantric Practice. This supports you to manifest the life you desire and deserve, and to work with source, or the collective consciousness, so our outside world truly reflects our inside.

Kundalini Bodywork

Kundalini Bodywork is not Kundalini Yoga but definitely complimentary to any yoga practice. Like Kundalini Yoga there are different styles, teachers and teachings with no one person being able to own such descriptive words.  

Kundalini Bodywork is a holistic & integrative therapy that prepares the body for Kundalini to rise and supports those living life with an active Kundalini. This can involve breathwork, body de-armouring, non-dual psychology, shadow work, tantra and energetic bodywork
to address underlying issues that are affecting your energetic body and probably your physical body too.  

Kundalini Bodywork has been developed by Elliott Saxby, and he explains that Kundalini Bodywork is a practice, discipline and self-healing modality with freedom in how it is applied:

– which parts of the modality to use

– when to use them

– and when to combine them with other self-development  practices and modalities  

Elliott trains people to be the best therapists that they can be through accessing non-dual states of awareness that develop their ego in healthy ways. In giving this work we still have an ego, personality and a soul vibration, so each therapist is unique. When working with a therapist you are supported to access this non-dual state of awareness in-order to be the best version of yourself. We understand the body is our own personal mystery school and you are encouraged to explore it and learn from it.

Kundalini Bodywork

When you work with a therapist in Kundalini Bodywork, their role is to support you in self-healing rather than in healing you.

Kundalini Bodywork teaches us to live Tantrically, knowing that we are all one, not separate, while developing the power to shape the illusion of separation.

Kundalini Bodywork can only be booked as an in person session at Heart Based Healing. If you'd like to discuss the practice in more detail before making a booking please call us to discuss.