Ascension / Spiritual Coaching

$0.00 – $102.00

Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening or Kundalini activation?

Do you feel the profound shifts of ascension and seek guidance to navigate this transformative journey?

I'm Miranda and I'm here to support and guide you on your unique spiritual awakening path.

Sometimes we need help to integrate this profound new understanding and clarity into our everyday life.

There are no generic solutions here — just a pathway to your new awakened self.

Duration: Initial Chat 0-30 Minutes

Initial Chat 0-30 Minutes
1 Hour Coaching Session

Embrace Your Awakening Journey

If you're experiencing ascension symptoms, a spiritual awakening or kundalini energy and need some assistance processing and embracing these profound changes - you're in the right place.

How Ascension Coaching Can Help


Support & insights to help you navigate your unique awakening journey.


Learn techniques and strategies to manage and integrate ascension symptoms.


Develop practices to balance your new awareness with your 3D experiences.


Learn more about Kundalini and it's impacts on your body, mind and spirit.


Explore methods to safely harness and channel Kundalini energy for your growth.


Empower yourself, release old patterns and embrace your spiritual evolution.

How do I know if ascension / spiritual coaching is right for me?

Ascension / Spiritual Coaching is right for you if any of the following statements apply:

I've experienced a Kundalini awakening and need to talk with someone who understands what I'm going through.

I'm undergoing a spiritual awakening and feel overwhelmed by the changes in my life.

I'm experiencing ascension symptoms and need guidance on how to manage them effectively.

I feel disconnected from my daily life and seek ways to integrate my spiritual experiences.

I'm looking for tools and practices to help balance my emotional and spiritual well-being.

I want to deepen my understanding of my spiritual journey and its impact on my life.

I'm struggling with old patterns and need support in releasing them to embrace my spiritual growth.

How Does It Work?

Initial Chat

It all begins with a free 1:1 session that usually lasts about 30 mins but reserve an hour just in case. This can be either in person, by Zoom or by phone call.

In this call we’ll talk about your situation and experiences and what you need to progress on your ascension journey. If I feel I can help you I’ll invite you to book a coaching session.

Ongoing Sessions

In our initial session we will establish a framework and focus for our ongoing work. Working within the parameters we defined in our initial session we now get into our coaching in earnest.  Generally our follow on sessions will be an hour in duration.

Note all ascension coaching can be provided either in person or remotely.

What can you expect from ascension/ spiritual coaching?

It really depends on what areas you want to focus on. Some clients want help overcoming obstacles on their path to further spiritual ascension.  Some clients need help integrating kundalini energy.  Some clients simply need to talk to someone who understands what they're going through.  Some clients are in need of some deep healing and release.

Whatever your focus in our sessions, I'm here to help guide and support you on your spiritual awakening journey.

This is a space for practical healing, inner work, and spiritual growth where your heart finds its rhythm.

Our sessions could include:

Exploring the nature of your being, meditation, vision quests, kundalini bodywork, and energy healing.


Learn about my own spiritual journey and kundalini awakening.

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