Energy Healing & Reiki For Pets


If you aren't seeing times that suit please email us or call us as we may be able to accommodate a session out of normal hours.

Reiki and Energy Healing for pets can be done either in person here at Heart Based Healing Centre or remotely.

If your pet cannot be moved but you would like an in person visit, depending on your location we may be able to come to you, this would involve a further call out fee that we can discuss in person.

Duration: 1 Hour

1 Hour

Reiki and Energy Healing for Pets

Just like humans, animals can benefit immensely from the healing power of Reiki and energy work. Our pet-focused services are designed to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being for your furry friends, ensuring they live happy and healthy lives.

There are different ways we can perform energy healing and reiki for pets.

You can visit us here at Heart Based Healing and bring your pet with you. You will hold your furry friend whilst we undertake energy healing and reiki.

Or we can do remote energy healing, we would ask that you send a photo of your pet and let us know what's happening and we can send healing energy and reiki to your pet whereever they are.

Or depending on your location we may be able to come to you. A call out fee would be arranged.

How Can Energy Healing Help My Pet?

Boost the Immune System

Energy Healing can help to boost the immune system of pets in exactly the same way it can help with humans. Pets are especially attuned to energy healing and respond well.

Pain Management

Energy Healing can help to reduce pain, it's a great adjunct therapy if your pet is dealing with chronic pain or illness and is particularly useful for those dealing with cancer.

Inflammation & Circulation

Energy Healing helps to improve circulation and increase oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This can help to reduce inflammation and is especially useful if your pet is dealing with physical injury.

Anxious Pets

Energy Healing can help calm anxious and stressed pets. Just as with humans, when a pets body is in a state of stress physical and emtional symptoms can also be experienced.

Improved Sleep

Stress, anxiety and pain can all have a profound effect on pets sleep. By helping to alleviate these symptoms pets often sleep better and in turn heal better.

Emotional Well Being

Energy Healing and Reiki can enhance emotional well being for your furry friend which is particularly good for pets who've experienced trauma, abandonment or abuse.

What to expect from our Pet Reiki Sessions

Both Miranda and Scott are certified Reiki Masters and also work with Alsemia and Ashati energy. They provide gentle, non-invasive energy healing sessions that are tailored to the specific needs of your pet.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Initial Consultation: We begin with an in-depth consultation to understand your pet's health, behavior, and specific concerns.

  • Personalized Healing Plan: A customized healing plan is developed to address your pet's unique needs.

  • Healing Sessions: Sessions in the Healing Centre provide a calm and soothing environment, ensuring your pet feels safe and comfortable.

  • Follow-Up Support: Ongoing support and guidance are provided to help you continue supporting your pet's well-being.

In Person or Remote Energy Healing?

While the most common type of energy healing is real-time in-person healing, energy healing can also be performed over distance. During an in-person energy healing session, your pet receives their healing while in the same room as the healing practioner. Whereas with remote healing, your pet receives an energy healing session from your practioner whilst you and your pet are at home.

Your pet can get a healing session from anywhere in the world. Remote healing works due to the link between universal energy source and all living beings on the planet.

When your pet is receiving a distance healing session, you can lie down or sit down with your pet at a pre-arranged time like you would do in an in-person session.

We will connect to you and your pet through Zoom or phone during the entire session to share information and instructions as if you were in the same room.

What Clients Have To Say

Group 5

I have had the most beautiful experience in this sacred space. Miranda and Scott really have your best interest at heart, they are healers in service of the one.


Group 5

I had a very nice session. I felt as if I was floating as I was recieving the energy. I could also feel the energy going to certain places in my body.


Group 5

I needed help following an incident. Miranda and Scott were wonderful. They both worked their magic. I felt so much better straight away.


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Dr Rosina McAlpine



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Steve Hughes


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Learn more about my background and experience.

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