Remote Distance Energy Healing


If you aren't seeing times that suit please email us as we may be able to accommodate a session out of normal hours.

Remote Energy Healing works just as well as in person energy healing. The benefit for you is that it means you can receive a healing from the comfort of your own home. This is particularly great if you are unwell or have mobility issues.

Scott is based in Australia. He performs remote energy healing for clients across the Pacific Area in the United States and also in Australia.

If you live in the Pacific Time Zone in the United States choose that as your location when you book your time. The times being shown are in your own time zone - PST for USA and Sydney time for Australia. Please select a time before adding to cart.

Duration: 1 Hour

1 Hour

A Remote Energy Healing

Remote Energy Healing works just as well as in person energy healing. Because we are all energetic beings connected to the universal life force energy/ Quantum Field also referred to as Prana or Chi.

Skilled energy healers can tap into and direct this energy force, regardless of distance. It is thought that Remote Energy Healing also works by tapping into universal frequency and vibrations.

At the start of your Remote Energy Healing with Scott, he will discuss your situation. Together you will agree on a simple intention that can be focused on during the healing, and which you can utilise over the following days as the healing integrates with your mind, body and soul.

Intentions focus on the state or feeling you wish to embody, they are always positive, simple to understand and relevant to you at the time you set them. Some examples are; I am healthy & at ease. I have everything I need. I love myself & everyone I meet.

What are the Benefits of Remote Energy Healing?

Boost the Immune System

Energy Healing can help to boost the immune system which is great news when you are battling an illness. It can also help reduce the severity of colds and flus.

Pain Management

Energy Healing can help to reduce pain, it's a great adjunct therapy if you are dealing with chronic pain or illness and is particularly useful for those dealing with cancer.

Inflammation & Circulation

Energy Healing helps to improve circulation and increase oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This can help to reduce inflammation and is especially useful in conditions such as arthritis & fibromyalgia.

Anxiety and Stress

Energy Healing can help calm the mind and body promoting a sense of well being. When the body is in a state of stress physical and emtional symptoms can be experienced.

Improved Sleep

Stress, anxiety and pain can all have a profound effect on our sleep. By helping to alleviate these symptoms people often find their sleep is greatly improved.

Emotional Well Being

Energy Healing can enhance emotional well being by releasing negativef emotions and patterns, helping you feel more positive and empowered in your daily life.

How The Process Works

Booking your Remote Energy Healing

Once you've made a booking, you will receive an order confirmation. Shortly after that you will receive an email confirming the time of your appointment.

In a separate email that arrives shortly after your time confirmation, you will be sent a link for a short questionnaire that will help Scott focus on your particular area of concern. Scott also likes to work with a recent photo and you will be given the email address to send that to.

If you haven't received these emails please check your spam/junk folder.

During Your Energy Healing

Once your intention is set. Appropriate music will be played during the healing that will usually correspond to a particular solfeggio frequency relevant to your healing. Your remote session is typically carried out via Google Meet or Zoom. You can be listening to the music via your mobile, computer or through your headphones (which is preferable.)

You should be in a comfortable position, preferably lying down and be somewhere you won't be disturbed.

Scott will initially focus on your 7 chakras, starting at the Crown Chakra. This follows the Reiki tradition of energy healing, however we will draw on all healing modalities to deliver the best healing for you at that time. That is; you may receive Reiki, Ashati, Alsemia, Coherence Healing and/or Kundalini Bodywork energy frequencies during the healing which may be boosted by the use of energy healing symbols. Scott will also incorporate his intuition to identify additional areas to focus on during the healing.

What Happens After Remote Energy Healing?

After the healing has finished you should ensure you have time to continue lying down to integrate the energies you are experiencing.

It is highly likely you will want to rest or perhaps even sleep.

Scott will leave the call but you should continue to integrate for as long as you need.

Scott will email you later that evening or the next day to provide feedback of what he picked up energetically from your session. And to find out how you are feeling and how the session went for you.

Energy Healings definitely have a cumulative effect. If you are interested in further sessions let us know as we can provide discounts for ongoing packages.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us.

What Clients Have To Say

Group 5

I needed help following an incident that left me super anxious and both Miranda/ Scott were wonderful. We made an appointment within a few days and they both worked their magic. Felt so much better straight away.


Group 5

I had a very nice session. I felt as if I was floating as I was receiving the energy. I could also feel the energy going to certain places in my body.


Group 5

I have had the most beautiful experience in this sacred space. Miranda and Scott really have your best interest at heart, they are healers in service of the one, There are no greater purpose. Enjoy your healing 🙏



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