Forgiveness & Freedom: Beyond Blame with Spiritual Coaching

spiritual coaching
In our quest to feel better and move forward in life, we often hear about how forgiveness can set us free. It's like there’s an unspoken rule that says if we forgive the people who’ve hurt us, then we’ll find peace. But what if we could skip over the whole blame game and the need to forgive altogether? What kind of freedom could we discover then?

Spiritual and holistic coaching offers a new way to look at our personal growth—not by diving deep into childhood memories or endlessly analysing why we are the way we are, but by moving past our old stories to embrace what’s happening right here, right now. Let’s dig into how this can change the way we live our lives.

The kind of spiritual coaching we provide at Heart Based Healing Centre, works on a different premise to traditional talk therapy. It’s about making meaningful change in your perspective, which has the knock on effect of changing your emotional landscape, which in turn has an impact on your behaviours. These changes alter the way you feel about your present life situation and give you a more positive, hopeful and loving outlook for the future.

Let’s Talk About Moving Past Our Stories

Think about the stories you tell yourself about who you are based on things that happened in the past. We all do it. These stories might help us understand ourselves better, but they can also keep us stuck, always reacting in the same old ways. And what we don’t realise is that, in the reliving of these stories and patterns it energetically keeps us focused on the negative and the past.

Instead of unpacking these stories, spiritual / holistic coaching nudges us to step outside of them. What if you didn't define yourself by your past? Who could you become then? Our style of coaching challenges you to live in the present moment, free from the labels you’ve clung to for so long.

What If We Didn’t Blame or Forgive?

Typically, we forgive someone because we think they did something wrong to us. But if we stop blaming others in the first place, suddenly there's nothing to forgive. This doesn’t mean we let people walk all over us. It just means we stop letting our happiness depend on what others have done.

By letting go of blame, we cut loose from the back-and-forth of hurt feelings and making up. This frees us up to feel peaceful and grounded, without needing anyone else to change for us to feel okay.

The concept of moving beyond forgiveness is really triggering for a lot of people. All of us know innocent people or children who have experienced trauma in their lives and we look to blame whoever seems to be responsible for the hurt. But that blame and those powerful negative emotions don’t serve us, in fact they have a negative effect on our bodies and our spirit. It reminds me of the quote that resentment is like “swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die.”

The way to transcend blame and forgiveness is LOVE. Here is where spiritual and holistic coaching can really make a difference, because one of the greatest issues we face as humanity is that we are cut off from love. We don’t love ourselves and often have a “heart wall” up against love, so we even find it difficult to experience and receive love.

One of the practices of spiritual and holistic coaching is shadow work, where we tap into the emotions that haunt you and love the power right out of them. This type of practice not only brings deep healing but it helps you to focus on, and live in, the present.

The Gift of the Present

Spiritual coaching focuses a lot on living in the now. Every moment has something valuable to offer, especially when we’re not dragged down by past regrets or worries about the future. Imagine making choices based on what’s best for you right now, not because you’re scared of what might happen in the future or what did happen once.

This way of living doesn’t just change us inside; it can smooth out our relationships and lighten our mental load, reducing stress and letting us enjoy life more fully.

Think About What’s Really Holding You Back

Now, take a moment to consider: what’s keeping you from feeling free? Is it a grudge you’re holding onto? Are you stuck in a loop of blaming someone for your unhappiness? Maybe it’s a constant stream of judgement—about yourself or others—that’s filling your days with negativity.

What would happen if you let that go? If you’re curious about how spiritual coaching might help you break free from these patterns, why not come and have a free initial consultation and start your journey toward true inner freedom.