Reiki for Self-Healing: The Essential Practice for Reiki 1

Welcome to Heart Based Healing Centre, are you considering embarking on a Reiki journey? If you’re interested in Reiki 1, you're about to unlock the power to heal yourself and others. But before you share this gift, it’s important to undertake self-healing to embody the Reiki 1 attunement, also known as an activation.

Starting Your Reiki Journey with Us

At the Heart Based Healing Centre, our Reiki Level 1 course will commence your path as a self healer and possibly, if you choose to continue on your Reiki journey, as a healer of others. During the attunement process, we gently open and align your energy channels, allowing Reiki to flow through you freely. You might experience physical sensations or emotional shifts – this is all part of the exciting transformation. Please note that while Reiki 1 allows you to give healings to others, you aren’t recognised as a Reiki practitioner until you have completed Reiki 2.

Why Self-Healing is Essential for Healers

Self-healing isn't an afterthought in Reiki – it's the foundation for a truly powerful practice. By focusing on healing yourself, you offer Reiki from a place of abundance, not depletion. Here's how self-healing empowers you:

1. Maintaining a Clear and Balanced Energy Field - When you're well-rested and centered, you channel Reiki with greater clarity and effectiveness. An unbalanced energy field can block or reduce the flow of Reiki, making it less effective. Regular chakra clearing practices help maintain your energy field, ensuring that the Reiki energy you channel is pure and strong.
2. Processing Emotional Shifts - Reiki frequencies can stir up emotions. Your self-healing practices like meditation help you navigate these changes with grace by providing you with the mental space to contemplate what emotions are surfacing, rather than just reacting to them. When you engage in self-healing, you create a safe space for yourself to process these emotions, which is essential for your healing journey.
3. Developing Healing Intuition - As you prioritize your well-being, you become more attuned to your own energy and then the energy of others. This will enhance your ability to intuitively guide healing sessions and provide feedback to the receivers of the Reiki frequencies. Self-healing sharpens your sensitivity to subtle energies, which is crucial for effective Reiki practice.

Self-healing also impacts your overall growth as a healer. It fosters resilience, promotes a sense of calm, and lays the groundwork for your Reiki practice to blossom.

Daily Self-Healing Practices for New Healers

Establish a Regular Self-Reiki Practice. We recommend starting with short sessions (15-20 minutes) and gradually increasing the duration as you feel comfortable.

A simple Self-Healing Session to start with could be:
1. Sit or lie in a comfortable, quiet space with meditation music playing.
2. Set an intention for your session (chakra clearing, removing limiting beliefs, letting go of fears).
3. Place your hands on specific Reiki hand positions (you'll learn these in detail during your Reiki Level 1 course) or simply hover them over areas that need attention.
4. Breathe deeply and allow Reiki to flow. Visualize white light or healing energy filling your body.
5. After the session, take a few moments to journal about your experience. Also make sure you keep your fluids up, drinking plenty of water.

Incorporate Reiki into Your Daily Life

There are many ways to incorporate Reiki into your daily life: Practice mindful breathing throughout the day; Send Reiki to your food and water; your pets or visualize it filling your workspace with positive energy. Integrating Reiki into everyday activities, as well as self healing helps keep your energy balanced and supports overall well-being.

Remember, self-healing isn't a luxury; it's a necessity for Reiki practitioners. By prioritizing it, you build a strong foundation for your practice and personal growth.

At the Heart Based Healing Centre, we're here to support you every step of the way. If you're ready to deepen your practice and continue your Reiki journey, consider enrolling in our Reiki Level 1 course. Together, we'll explore the limitless potential of Reiki and the transformative power of self-healing.