Coaching: Not Just Setting Goals – It's Building a Life You Love

So, you're thinking about coaching, but not just any coaching—something that goes deeper, right? Let's talk about why traditional goal-setting might not be enough and how holistic / spiritual coaching could be the game changer you're looking for.

Beyond the Basics of Goal-Setting

We all know the drill: set a goal, chase it, achieve it, and repeat. But sometimes, it feels like we're just ticking boxes without really feeling fulfilled. That's where holistic / spiritual coaching comes in. It's not about piling up achievements; it's about aligning those achievements with your deeper values and passions. It’s about making sure that what you're working towards actually matters to you on a personal and possibly also a spiritual level.

Holistic Coaching: A Deeper Dive

Holistic coaching is all about the bigger picture; it's not just your career or your physical health. It's your emotions, your spiritual wellbeing, your mental health—all rolled into one. Imagine having a coach who helps you see how all parts of your life are connected. Like, maybe you're stressed at work because you don't take any time for yourself. A holistic coach helps you see these connections and work on them in a balanced way.

What Does a Spiritual Coach Do?

Think of a spiritual coach as someone who helps you see the bigger picture. They’re there to guide you through self-discovery, not by telling you what to do, but by helping you ask the right questions. Why am I here? What makes me happy? What’s holding me back from leading a more fulfilled life? What is life all about anyway? A spiritual coach supports you in exploring these big questions without judgment, letting you set the pace.

Real Impact in Real Lives

Let's take a real-life example. Julie came to see Miranda because she had undertaken talk therapy and instead of helping her heal issues related to her childhood, and their impact on her life, she came away with a completely fractured relationship with her mother. This was so intense that Julie was experiencing PTSD like symptoms in relation to her mum. Julie worked with Miranda on multiple levels, not just rewiring her thoughts and beliefs about her childhood and her mum but also approaching the issue with a holistic and spiritual framework. This allowed Julie to both manage her emotions and her physical responses with her mother and has led to the beginning of a positive new relationship.

Why Choose Holistic / Spiritual Coaching Over Conventional Methods?

It's simple—holistic / spiritual coaching goes deeper than surface-level fixes. It's perfect for when you feel like you're just going through the motions and instead want to find real, lasting happiness and fulfillment.

Choosing holistic coaching is about investing in your overall well-being. It’s perfect for those moments when you feel stuck or when you’re at a crossroad and not just looking for quick fixes but lasting changes. It's about learning how to thrive, not just survive, by making intentional choices that reflect your true self.

Taking the First Step

Starting with holistic / spiritual coaching can feel like a big leap, but it’s really just the first step towards living a life that’s fully yours. It’s about breaking free from the ‘shoulds’ and embracing what really brings you joy and peace. Does this sound like something that could work for you? Miranda conducts free initial consultations for you to meet and have a chat. This is a great way to see if spiritual / holistic coaching might work for you and also to see if you’re a good fit. Use the link below to make an appointment.